Love and Romance at the Met: Museum Hack Tour

This is a new thematic tour that we are testing. Your guide will be experimenting with new works, routes, and activities.

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Many of the greatest works of art throughout history are rooted in love (and let’s be real, lust). With inspiration for these masterpieces ranging from the luscious human form and beautiful muses, to off-limits lovers and naughty desires, why do museums often feel chaste, steeped in pomp and circumstance? We don’t know, and we won’t stand for it!

On this Love and Romance tour designed for couples by Museum Hack, you will discover the sexy side of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Your guide will lead you on an exclusive, VIP guided romp through the hallowed halls of what we believe is the best museum on earth, revealing stories of love, relationships, kink, fertility, and ancient longing immortalized in oil and clay. After this intimate tour, you’ll leave the Museum even more in love with art.

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What’s a Beta Tour?

We love the Met so much that we keep discovering new ways to explore and share it’s cavernous spaces, endless stories, and fascinating facts. One of the guides from our diverse team has developed this special themed tour to share one of the Museum’s many sides with you. To ensure that our experiences are top notch before they go live, we offer beta testing tours at a significantly discounted ticket price as an opportunity for our guides to practice new content and receive feedback from guests. You spend an afternoon at the Met with an experienced tour guide, and we get to shape our craft. Not a bad deal, right?

When attending a beta tour, you may be asked to fill out a brief survey about your experience. We insist that you be ruthless (you won’t hurt our feelings). We’re a young company, and it’s the feedback of our customers that helps us provide fun, unique experiences that really deliver!